Tuesday, October 11

What Causes a Sweet Taste in Mouth at Night While Sleeping?

Are you facing the unnatural sweet taste in mouth while you sleep at night? You must visit a doctor right now as it’s not an ordinary issue. It may be the symptoms of the neurological, metabolic disorder, Gastroesophageal reflux diseases or infections in sensory organs like nose, ears, and throat… etc and many more. Our tongue has naturally four types of taste buds for sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, and sourness. These taste buds make human beings feel taste. But if you feel sweetness without having any sweet food, it means you need treatment before letting it becoming a serious issue.

Here are the all possible causes to make you feel the sweet taste in mouth

Diabetes or Thyroid Disorder:

Numerous kinds of metabolic disorders may cause to damage the sensing and taste capacity of buds. Patients with Diabetes, ketosis and thyroid disorder may feel the sweet taste in mouth without eating any sweet-tasting foods.

Neurological Problems:

Sweet taste in the mouth is also the symptoms of neurological disorders. Patients with epilepsy, stroke and seizure disorder may face this issue. Therefore, you shouldn’t take it lightly as it may the symptoms of serious neurological diseases.

 Olfactory Disorder:

The olfactory system of the human’s body helps in providing the capacity to sense or feel the taste that we eat or drink. In case of any virus attack or disorder in the olfactory system may harm our taste buds capacity to feel taste. The olfactory system also allows the body to smell and also provide the sweet taste in mouth.

Low Carb Dieting:

If you are in low carbohydrate diets, you may feel the unusual sweet taste in mouth. On reducing carbohydrates in the body, more than the necessary amount of fat is also burn out and hence the lack of fuels lessen the body’s capacity to work out. This is medically called Ketosis that leads to producing ketones in the blood that causes a sweet taste in mouth.  


The early stage of Pregnancy may also be one of the reasons for sweet taste in mouth.  During pregnancy, women’s body faces lots of immunity issues like digestive problems, hormonal unbalancing which affect the feel of sensing and tasting. If a pregnant woman experiences an undesirable and uncommon sweet taste in mouth, you need to consult your doctor right now.

Besides these above, acidity in stomach up to throat and tongue, small cell carcinoma in the lungs, nose and throat infections, side effects of drugs and chemotherapy are also the main causes of sweet taste in mouth.

Treatment for Sweet Taste in Mouth:

If you are the person facing such types of issue, you need to get an appointment with the best physicians in your city. They will first diagnose the affected part. Sometimes the causes of sweet taste in mouth may harm the respiratory system or it may affect the hormones or brain nerves and tissues.

Following are the common physical test examined by the doctors:

  • Blood testing
  • Diabetes testing
  • CT scan or MRI
  • Endoscopy

Once after the necessary diagnosing the disease, doctors begin the best possible treatments to remove the cause of sweet taste in mouth.