Thursday, October 13

What Is Photoshop ?

A creative person or an artist needs a software or a tool to show his/her skills or creativity. Using manual way like taking a paper and then drawing on it and after all that show people your handmade creativity, This manual work also gives a disadvantage because if there is a mistake in a drawing or something gets ruined then a person has to throw away the paper and draw it again.

A drawing tool or a software namely Photoshop, this software is used to make drawings, edit photos etc. using this software a person show his creativity or work. This software is widely used around the world so that it is the easy way for the people to edit their pictures, albums etc. This software gives a lot of advantage to the artist so that they can edit their work no need for manual work or start over again and again.

This software consists of a variety of tools such as a drawing tool, blur tool, crop tool etc. In this software there is a huge variety of filters, add layers to your drawings, create or delete layers a lot more. Now, this software is so advanced you can even create animation using Photoshop and a lot of things can be created or edited. Follow more post from my blog such as how to start a blog with WordPress.

There are a different purpose of using Photoshop, people can use it casually, some use it for working purpose, some use in offices and some use it as a freelance working method. This tool can make you earn a lot on the internet if a person uses it as a working tool for making templates, layouts, banners etc. Mostly this is used in the field of designing textile, fashion even in IT.

In the field of IT, it is used to make logos, templates, layouts for a website, most of the websites are the first design on Photoshop after the designing comes the coding. Using this software a person can work freelance for a company or a software house by doing their work at home on wages. For example making a template for a website, making your own portfolio so that people can visit your portfolio and see what sort of work you can give to them if they hire you. These things like logos, templates, themes, sizing of Photos etc can give you a lot of amounts to earn at home. If you more interested in this kind of valuable information and technology related, please visit in