Tuesday, October 11

What Is The Difference Between Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage?

“Do you know the differences between deep tissues massage and sports massage? If no, then please read this blog”.

It is true that many of us visit the spa once in a while to heal our body, mind as well as to relax and spend some quality time alone. However, not all of us know which message is meant for our bodies and would be the best pick. There are so many spas to choose from, the most popular ones being the sports massage and the deep tissue massage. But, tell me something – do you know the difference between the two? No? Then, you are at the right blog because here, I am going to talk about the same and that is, the major dissimilarities between the two.

Although both will help you relax and would ease the tension of your muscles and are individually known as the best massage in Chicago, there are certain things, which are totally different. Read on.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is the one where a lot of pressure is used and it goes down really deep to manipulate and ease the deeper tissue layers in the body. It can hurt but yes, is worth a try if you are suffering from aches and muscle tensions. These massages can help you get rid of some newly formed knots in the muscles as well as great for easing the stiffness in the muscles. Only a trained therapist can do it and you must visit a good parlor for getting the best deep tissue massage in Arlington. It does not work on older knots and the treatment increases your blood circulation, breaks down the muscle mass and helps you relax. Some parts of the body might feel painful but that would only last for a maximum of 72 hours.

Sports Massage

Now let’s enlighten you about sports massage that goes deeper than the deep tissue massage. It involves the manipulation of the soft tissue to prevent and heal sports related injuries. The therapist needs to be highly trained for this one. He or she should know that if anything goes wrong, the fragile tissue might get damaged. There is difference between working the muscles and causing an injury. It is mainly done by sports enthusiast to a sports person, or someone who has faced injury in the gym. The therapist will give you a massage as well as use stretching techniques on your body, thus working on the older muscles. This would even prevent the muscles from further injuries too. The therapist might use a combination of techniques consisting of trigger point release and passive stretching for this one.

While it is true that there are many similarities between the two, but trust me, the techniques and goals differ. Enlighten yourself before you go on and book your appointment for Arlington Therapeutic Massage.

You must also know that a therapist who would perform a sports massage shall need more knowledge than someone giving deep tissue massage. However, basic knowledge of the muscles and general anatomy is needed in both the cases.

To wrap it up, deep tissue ones are the best for minor aches and pains, while the sports massages are the best for injuries or knots that have built up over a period of time. So, I hope now it will be much easier for you to choose between the two. To know more, follow my other blogs.