Tuesday, October 11

Why you should get a CFD Trading App

A Contract for difference [CFD] is a popular form of derivative trading. It enables you to make profits from falling markets as well as rising ones. Capital.com powers CFD trading app. The reasons why you should get a CFD trading app includes the following;

  • Content by experts

CFD trading app will enable you to get content by experts. This is because capital.com value accuracy and expertise. They believe that the users should get reliable content that will make them have a solid foundation and hence a smarter decision.

In order to create great content, the capital.com has partnered with seasoned financial writers to write for its users every day and deliver all the major market updates, accurate analysis pieces, recent economic news, etc.

The app offers articles on stocks, currency pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies etc. Get this app today and become an expert.

  • Negative balance protection

Trading can sometimes be risky, but with cdf trading app, you don’t need to worry that you might get into debt. This is because it has a negative balance protection feature so your account can never drop below zero.

Markets can be on your favor or against you, and this can get you into debts. To prevent traders from a negative balance, the CFD trading app partially or fully closes the positions of traders who don’t maintain their account equity at the required level.

  • Quick withdrawals

The profits from trading are usually readily available. With CFD app, the money you earn can be in your bank account within no time. The withdrawal process takes 24 business hours. So it will depend on your bank’s operation on how fast you will get your funds.

You can get the money in your account using different payment methods such as debit/credit card, skrill or Bank Wire Transfer. For security purposes, transfer of funds is done via the same payment method used by a client to make a deposit. Funds can be withdrawn in EUR [€], GBP [£], USD [$] or PLN [zł].

  • Margin call

Trading on margin can boost your opportunity to make much profit than you would do if you had no margin. To prevent excessive loss, the CFD trading app has a policy to send a margin call to clients who lose beyond a particular limit.

Margin call is a call request to top up your account when it drops below the margin requirements.  This app alerts you when your margin balance is 0.8. At this stage, the trader can raise their collateral balance, or their positions are closed to avoid further loss.

  • Real-time market data

The CFD trading app delivers the freshest market data in real time and free.  The clients can receive accurate and reliable information, keeping them updated on the happenings of the market.  The platform covers shares, indices, commodities etc.

  • Segregated accounts

This app treats the client’s money well. Client’s funds are protected from unexpected risks that the company may suffer. They achieve this by placing the client’s money separate from the company’s money which is in a segregated account.