Monday, October 10

Writing Guidelines Every Student Knows

Writing guidelines are essential, regardless of your age in the profession or the profession you are. When you scan through writing tips carefully, you will note some overlap. However, there are several experiences though different writers do their work differently. In this article, we explore some of the best writing tips that we have around. You can consider them in the course of your writing. Importantly, you can decide to create your own, ignore, or adapt them or even buy dissertation.

Embrace artificial intelligence (AI)

We still fear the impact of artificial intelligence, especially on the security of our jobs. Currently, AI agents cannot offer human insights, but it can help us in our writing by automating repetitive tasks.

Readout loud

Reading aloud is particularly useful when you are editing your work. Reading aloud makes sure that the mouth says what is on the page.

Read often

Best readers’ area also the best readers. When you read, you pick the best practices from other writers to your work.

Writing guidelines

Read faster

It is easier to master the art of speed-reading. Speed-reading is about what you read and what you do not read.

Read backward

When you read from the bottom, you will identify issues with your work and correct any mistakes therein.

Allow yourself to write badly

Realize that your first draft is not perfect but an attempt to organize your ideas. So permit yourself to plan your thoughts in your first draft.


When you have difficult work to write, do not jump directly to writing, but brainstorm and coherently organize your ideas.

Plan your thoughts

Once you finish with your brainstorming, change to the organizational side and organize your notes into groups.

Make use of a pen and paper

Using a pen and a paper, you disconnect yourself from technology, and you permit your brain to be creative.

Get psyched

Writing is an exhausting process that you need to encourage yourself from time to time. Inspire yourself that the results are promising, and you can gift yourself occasionally.

Time yourself

Timing your work creates some sense of urgency, which helps you speed up your work and thus locks you into creative thinking instead of critical thinking.

Switch off the Internet

Internet is a great tool. However, it is the number source of distraction to students when they are doing their assignments.

Avoid the use of writing devices

Similar to the internet, the use of phones to write is not a good idea. The use of a phone is not fair because you can easily access other apps to reward yourself.

Writing guidelines

Rely on sources

Wikipedia is a great tool. However, Wikipedia is not the primary source of the information it contains. Again, anyone can change its contents.

Understand plagiarism

Plagiarism is not only stealing someone’s ideas but also copying someone’s work.

Write as if you speak

The majority of the students prefer conversational writing. To them, they dislike the writing overriding how they engage the concepts.

Speak rather than writing

If writing is scary, then consider using a recording device or an application for your first draft.

Write shorten sentences

Extensive sentences do not have any favorites, but instead, you are bound to make mistakes. However, at times it is a great way to unpack complex ideas.