Tuesday, October 11

Yogi Govt. Going Way Out of Normal Aid to Help The Kanwar Yatra

India has always been a god and devotee centric nation. There’s nothing wrong in following religion and worshipping god. But at times the devotion turns more and more into religious fanaticism. Extremists calling themselves as devotees disrupt normal life of other people.

Same is happening in the Kanwar yatra in Uttar Pradesh in this year. The steps taken by the Yogi Government have gone too far and is even causing many a financial loss. The government has literally asked every eatery on the route of this yatra to sell only vegetarian food. A Mughlai restaurant selling only veg biriyani. Sounds ridiculous, right? Loyal customers and people of other belief have stopped visiting their favorite restaurants which is causing one hell of a loss for the owners.

Not only food but people of other beliefs are facing problems because of the government’s out of the way aids. Reports from various state in all 70 minority families being asked to flee as their homes fall in the route of the Kanwar Yatra.

This doesn’t end here. The UP government has hired a chopper on the mere cost of 14 lakhs to monitor the yatra and not to forget shower flower petals on the devotees. All the above acts have attracted a lot of criticism for the Yogi Government. But they don’t seem to pay any attention to all these and continue with their ridiculous acts.